2 Gamers vs Real Life Zombie Horde

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2 Gamers vs Real Life Zombie Horde

Rooster Teeth productions are probably most widely known for their long-running and pretty damn hilarious Halo machinima series, Red vs. Blue. However, their short video series called Immersion, a show that translates video game elements into the real world, has also been attracting a lot of positive attention.

Immersion’s latest episode attempts to tackle an age old video gamer’s question: How long would you survive against a horde of zombies?

If you’ve ever scoffed at survivors doing something stupid in zombie films or a video game cutscene and think you could do better in real life, then this video should be educational. They’re outnumbered 200 to 1, can they hold the line?

Wow, 67 nerfed zombie heads and it’s all over, delicious brains for everyone! While our intrepid survivors had around 3000 rounds of ammunition, it was time and space that they ran out of.

Clearly, it’s just a bit of fun and there’s too many variables at play to make any kind of “fair test” to see how 2 guys would hold up in this zombie assault situation. However, it’s absolutely fascinating to see the effect that a horde of shambling zombies has on a person. Despite the complete lack of real danger, you could definitely hear the panic in the Gus and Geoff’s voices as the zombies closed in on them.

Mind you, I’d defy anyone to not feel a touch of panic when staring down 400 shuffling, moaning monstrosities! These guys were dropped right into the horde mode game, presumably with very little prior planning allowed. They simply tried to do what anyone would do: survive!

This might explain why they wasted a lot of energy rushing back and forth to attack the zombies and then return to pick up new guns, rather than shorten the gap by bringing spares, as commentator Burnie suggested.

What would be really interesting to see is a similar scenario where the survivors had some time to plan and prepare. They could load their guns, become a bit more familiar with them and formulate a strategy for survival: one with fallback points and choke-points and all kinds of other fancy military terminology!

Of course, to take real life zombie games to the next level, it would be really fun to up the number of zombies, up the number of survivors and up the size of the location. Something like… oh I don’t know? THIS!?

If you enjoyed Rooster Teeth bringing this little slice of video gaming into our world, then check out the rest of their series, Immersion, on YouTube.

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