Angry Birds Boasts Loads of Flying Bull in Aussie Imitation

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Angry Birds Boasts Loads of Flying Bull in Aussie Imitation

Australian games developer Millipede has made a shameless copy of Angry Birds that will see you slinging a load of bulls at a china shop, giving a new spin to an old simile.

Bullistic follows exactly the same principles of iPhone smash hit Angry Birds; launch an irate animal out of a giant slingshot at the angle you think will allow its flight trajectory to take it on a path of maximum destruction. However, now it’s priceless china that you’ll be waging war on, rather than disembodied green pigs. Gotta wage war on something, right?

Much like the Angry Birds score, you keep a running total of how much damage you cause in dollars, recorded at top right of the screen. You’re also awarded a star rating out of three at the end of each level attempt. The twist in the tale is that you are presented with a set of bull’s balls up close and personal to go with your score.

So if you’re hankering for more animal-launching action and racking up more 3-star ratings, then Bullistic is for you. There’s only a free trial version currently available, so you won’t need to shell out for the opportunity to bust up some smart vases and dinnerware.

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