Back to the Future 25th Birthday: 12 McFly Gifts

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Back to the Future 25th Birthday: 12 McFly Gifts

It’s 25 years since Back to the Future screamed into theatres on 3 July 1985, scorching time-travelling DeLoreans into the imaginations of a whole generation of kids.

He was squeaky, dwarflike and had questionable taste in underwear, but we all wanted / still want to be Marty McFly.

So now that it’s the future and we’re all grown up, it’s time to go back to Back to the Future to find some cool stuff we can buy to celebrate a quarter-century of BTTF!


The Sneaks

1985 Nike Bruin in white and red

nike bruin, vintage bruin, marty mcfly

A vintage pair like Marty’s will set you back around $200 on eBay (if you can find them) but newer versions are available all over the place for around $50.

Nike Hyperdunk 2015

nike, hyperdunk 2015, marty mcflyThe legendary futuristic sneaks from Back to the Future II, or at least as close as Nike will ever release. These rarities go on eBay for around $500.


The Cars

1981 DMC-12 DeLorean

delorean, back to the future, time machine

The car in the film was a modified 1981 DMC-12 DeLorean. Pick up a similar one for $25,000 used or $57,000 for a brand new base-model DeLorean, now available with upgraded engine, iPod connectivity and satnav!

Or maybe just build one out of Lego.

lego delorean, lego car, back to the future

1985 black Toyota Pickup SR5

toyota pickup, back to the future, marty mcfly

Marty’s dream ride! If you can find a used one it should only set you back around $3,000. Get Biff round to pimp it up for you and hey presto.


The Gilet

red gilet, marty mcfly

According to that arbiter of evolved language, a Marty McFly is a padded gilet, as worn by Michael J in the film. Pick up an authentic one up in vintage shops anywhere.


The Flux Capacitor

Not strictly available for sale, but why not make like Doc Brown and create your own?


The Guitars

Erlewine Chiquita Travel Guitar

erlewine chiquita, travel guitar, marty mcfly

The one he plugs into the massive amp at the Doc’s house at the start of the film. They’re pretty rare but find one on eBay and you’ll pay around $300. Erlewine guitars do still make them, but new prices are nearer $600.

1963 Gibson ES-345TD

Gibson, ES-345TD, 1963

The guitar Marty plays at the school dance in 1955… was made in 1963. Hmm. One of these classic axes will set you back $5-8,000.


The Pants

bacon, pink calvin kleins, briefs

Marty’s pink Calvins get his mum all flustered, and (if you dare) you can pay homage with these updated beauties for around $20.


The Virtual Reality

Telltale announced a new Back to the Future game at E3, due to be released late in 2010. No details yet, but the franchise is long overdue a decent adaptation, and with the promise of extended, episodic adventure games, the long wait may be over.


The Driving Licence

mcfly license, driving license, marty mcfly

Getting a bit strange now, but if you really need one you can get Martin S. McFly’s drivers’ licence for a few bucks.


The Letter

letter prop, marty mcfly, back to the future

Even stranger this one – replicas on eBay of the new and aged letter Marty writes to save Doc’s life at the end of the film.

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