BlizzCon 2010 Costume Competition Winners

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BlizzCon 2010 Costume Competition Winners

The first day of BlizzCon drew to a close with a spectacular sense of ceremony. Bands, fan-made machinima movies and of course, the legendary costume competition were all woven together to send off the first half of BlizzCon in style.

Here’s just a few of the incredible cosplay efforts of the fanatical Blizzard fans who invested so much time, love and effort into their costume creations.


Blizzard’s special guest, the Demon Hunter herself, tooled up and ready to start slaying.


Holy moley! That’s a lot of body paint. A Spirit Healer from WoW.


The dreaded Lich King. Arthas and two of his fearsome Death Knight captains. This was one of the few showing for the guys as the girls dominated the competition.


Smiling and radiant, the ruler of Theramore, Lady Jaina Proudmoore.


You’ll have trouble outfoxing this little lady, who came as a StarCraft 2 Terran Ghost with accurately depicted rifle and combat suit.


So massive was this costume effort that the creators had to have help being guided onto the stage. Mighty Deathwing from WoW Cataclysm made an impressive, if sedate, entrance.


This intrepid young man even proposed to his girlfriend as she strutted her stuff as a geared-up WoW Priest. She said yes! Much to the crowd’s delight.


A WoW Mage with her very own polymorphed Troll Rogue (the sheep).


With stately grace the StarCraft 2 Protoss Executor Selendis took to the stage. The massive boots meant that she too had to be guided on.


He was prepared! This towering gentleman made his own fearsome Illidan Stormrage from WarCraft 3 and WoW costume. Those blades certainly looked more deadly that your average tinfoil construction!


The other four finalists who made the cut along with Illidan (who won 2nd place overall).


This year’s winner. The graceful and ecstatic Christina Estrada in her amazing Diablo 3 Monk costume. In her interview the happy Christina revealed that her outfit was constructed completely from hand-tooled leather, with all the intricate designs that took months of hard work.


It paid off though as her labor of love won her the accolade as the number 1 BlizzCon 2010 costume creator.


The following YouTube video shows Christina’s nervous anticipation and the humble acceptance of 1st place, as well as some insight into the finalists’ backgrounds and how their costumes were made.


Stay tuned to Gnews for much more BlizzCon 2010 coverage and analysis of the tournaments, game design announcements and celebrations of the games that you love best.


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