E3 2011 Loves New Look Lara Croft

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E3 2011 Loves New Look Lara Croft

In Monday’s list of games we want to find out more about at E3, we said how those who were tired of the same old Tomb Raider formula could look forward to having it broken up and redefined. Well, that’s proven to be the case as developer Crystal Dynamics seems to have crafted something that really resonates with its audience.


All across E3, game journalists and critics are falling in love with the vulnerable, hesitant Lara Croft who is a radical departure from the headstrong, surefooted Lara of later years. Not only is the Tomb Raider title going down well at the event itself, but as you can see from the picture below, the trailer is also storming ahead to take first place in on our Facebook poll of the best game trailers of E3 2011. The poll is open until the end of E3, so if a particular trailer has blown your mind, vote for it here.

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Tomb Raider will be released in 2012 with an entirely different style to the gun-battling and treasure-hunting antics that Lara Croft has been used to over the past 15 years of Tomb Raider titles. This time, survival is the name of the game, and Lara has never been less sure of herself.

You’ll still be navigating Lara through a action game filled with daring, athletic acrobatics and combat, but this time you’ll be helping Croft learn her craft. What’s more, she’ll be learning it slowly, painfully and in a (hopefully) immersive manner that forges a stronger connection between the gamer and the character than any previous Tomb Raider title.

Totally tearing the character of Lara Croft down and building her from the ground up again is a risky strategy but if it allows the player to go through that trial by fire and shape her into the Lara of later years, it may pay off extremely well.

If you want a more in depth look at what to expect from the opening gameplay, read the impressions of Kotaku’s Brian Crecente to see why next year’s Tomb Raider origins story will be unlike any of its predecessors (or successors, if you’re using Lara Croft chronology).


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