Free Portal 2 DLC for Everyone!

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Free Portal 2 DLC for Everyone!

For fans who cannot stop thinking with portals, you’ll be happy to know that Valve’s hotly anticipated first DLC (Downloadable content) pack for Portal 2 will be available entirely free of charge. That’s regardless of whether you have a PC, PS3 or Xbox 360 version of the game.

(08/19/11) UPDATE: It’s here! It’s finally goddamned here! At long last we have a more solid release date indication for this free DLC that Valve have been promising since April. Unfortunately, it’s not even a definite, actual date, as Valve has said we can expect the free Portal 2 DLC to drop in “mid-September“. C’mon guys, when exactly in September?

Leaving aside the controversy of The Potato Sack promotion which left a bad taste in certain players’ mouths, the launch of Portal 2 was still a triumph for developer and publisher, Valve. Putting players back into the well-supported boots of lab-rat Chell or the adorable tag-team of Aperture Science robots, Atlas and P-Body, Valve has created another scientific smash-hit. (Full review here)

Speculation is rife on whether the DLC pack was intended to be free from the outset, or whether Valve have decided to make it free in order to soothe any ruffled feathers that some of their fans might have experienced during the Portal 2 early release cross promotion of The Potato Sack.

Either way, the gesture is well appreciated. Thanks Valve. It seems we’ve got lots and lots more testing to do… for science.

Expect the DLC pack to feature new test chamber areas, new challenge modes for both single-player and co-op, as well as a few extra nuts and bolts. Release date TBA.

(06/17/11) UPDATE: There is a new Portal 2 DLC pack available now, but it’s not the big free one that we’re hoping for.

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20 Comments on “Free Portal 2 DLC for Everyone!

  • seems silly to assume that the dlc was at any point in the development process a possibility to be paid dlc. valve has never done dlc that has not been free (this is of course not including the hats seen in both portal 2 and tf2, they don’t add anything to game play). valve views their intellectual properties as serviceable assets, they don’t charge for dlc and they wont. do some research on the company before you write an article based off what teenagers say on message boards. that being said i don’t work for valve, i am just speculating off their track record.

    • doomiesanidiot

      Seeing as how all the Left 4 Dead DLCs cost something on console, I found this article very useful. Why don’t you do some research before you go around posting hateful comments? Derp

    • Just thought I should let you know, Valve released a Portal 1 Map Pack for Xbox 360 that was not free (I cant remember the price, however); this was due to some agreement with Microsoft; That being said, Valve has always tried to make the DLC free, but it hasnt had a 100% success rate. Thank you.

  • On console? That makes a huge difference. It starts to go out of the dev’s hands when it has to go through something like Xbox Live. I think when most people (maybe not doomie) talk about Valve’s track record, they mean Valve/Steam, not Valve/Console. Although I think this is a good article, I really doubt they were planning on charging anything for this first DLC. It’s just a Valve thing to do. They like having their users happy and are probably stressed out over The Potato Sack event (I didn’t buy it nor know enough about everything that happened to say if I think all the whining is justified or not, don’t want to be a hypocrite) so that sealed the deal, perhaps for all Portal DLC.

    And besides, “doomiesanidiot”, throwing an insult back at someone really isn’t that great of a thing either. I agree he went way over, but your name… come on, it doesn’t really make yourself look any better.

    • I’m sorry, I put dislike by accident, I thought it was dummie, oh i mean doomie. So that doesnt count just think of it as a thumbs up, I’m honestly sorry k :)

      • I really don’t understand whats going on with this DLC. is it coming out soon or what? If anyone knows the answer to this question, please send a message on xbox live. My gamertag is ann0yingchild on xbox.

  • doomie… when DLCs from Valve go through PSN or XBL, it is out of Valve’s control if users get charged for it. I HAVE an XBox 360 and I got charged for every DLC for L4D1 and L4D2. Why don’t we do some research? What is your research? Your personal experience from being a PC-Only gamer? If you were my neighbor, you would be expecting a pumpkin through your window right now for your stupidity.

    • Not quite correct, Microsoft has the whole thing of if it has achievements it can’t be free. Regardless I would assume Valve have learnt their lesson and just wont put in stupid achievements PS3 wise, who knows what they can get away with…. I am not just a PC gamer for anyone that wants to flame I also have a PS3.

      • Not quite correct yourself, there are plenty of free things with achievements. Dash of Destruction, Doritos crash course, Harms Way, Yaris.. so on. There is also DLC that offers no gamerscore, like multiplayer map packs and stuff, but I do see what you meant.

  • I agree with scythe, don’t follow that jerk. This is what annoys me about PC gamers, most of them are kind but others just have to brag. I wish that they would make them pay for a DLC just to spite the haters. Though I prefer the Xbox better because look what happened to PS3 gamers. So even though PC gets alot of DLC gets it free, I don’t care.

  • DLC always has a cost on the XboX, because Microsoft makes you pay for everything on it. (I do find paying for icons, avatar items, and internet play excessive.) So I prefer to get Valve games on the PC.

    • That’s Valve for you I’m afraid, they take their sweet time and while that makes for great games, unfortunately we just have to put up with the wait. If as much care goes into the DLC as the game itself, it’ll be worth the wait, especially considering the pricetag.

  • It’s September 9th and still no new information… what the heck are they doing at Valve besides working on the new CS?

    • Well time is running out if Valve want to make that mid-September deadline. Presumably it’ll be released within the next week or so, before we head into late-September.

      Valve are certainly cutting it fine with this one.

  • I’d say Sept 20 marks the end of “mid”-September, don’t you? And yet I’m somehow not at all surprised that there’s not even a word out telling us what’s going on. I am getting impatient…

    • Yep Alan I would definitely say that we’re into late September. The whole thing is dragging on a little now. I’m still holding onto the pretty solid hope that it’s a solid and chunky DLC pack worth waiting for. Anything flimsy would be an unforgivable tease on Valve’s part.

      Can’t be long now. Surely?

  • And it’s been another week without any news. I expect it to release today (27 sept) or some time next month with an announcement. I do hope it’ll release today. And I hope it will be quite a few maps with some good difficulty.


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