Help Japan Tsunami Relief Effort by Playing Street Fighter IV

Tuesday 15th, March 2011 / 12:02 Written by
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Help Japan Tsunami Relief Effort by Playing Street Fighter IV

The disastrous earthquake and resulting Tsunami wrought terrible devastation in Japan last Friday, invoking a huge international relief effort that continues to build in pace and scale. Now there’s another way that gamers can help out in the aftermath of this tragedy.

Capcom have made an extremely generous and charitable gesture by announcing that they have dropped the price of the Street Fighter IV gaming app for iPhone devices to 99 cents. All proceeds from these sales will be directly contributed to the relief effort.

Not only is Street Fighter IV an awesome game, it’s now at a bargain basement price and 100% of your money will go to helping people who have suffered hugely from this natural disaster. It’s hard to imagine a better deal, so all iPhone users, please do yourself and Japan a service by purchasing this app.

Having fun with great games is a good cause by itself, but when it becomes part of the process of helping people, everyone’s a winner.

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1 Comments on “Help Japan Tsunami Relief Effort by Playing Street Fighter IV

  • I bought this, but that’s more because I wanted Street Fighter IV. If you actually want to help the people of Japan donate the money directly, out of this $0.99 Apple will be taking their cut so what Capcom can donate is only going to be err… 60%-70% of that. I can’t remember what Apple take but it’s something in that ballpark.


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