It’s here! The Little Black Box launches XBMC media for the masses

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It’s here! The Little Black Box launches XBMC media for the masses

Shipping now: The Little Black Box XBMC home entertainment revolution for £106 (€127 or $175)

Discount code: “TVLaunch” saves £12 (€14.50 or $20)

Now shipping worldwide, The Little Black Box (TLBB) provides the world’s first one-box pure XBMC home entertainment hub and media player covering free TV and movie streaming, internet browsing, media library management and full AirPlay and Android/iOS compatibility.

The TLBB set top box, retailing at £106 (€127 or $175), combines the power and flexibility of the XMBC-Linux platform to offer a refreshingly user-friendly interface, automatically categorising TV shows, movies and music into one manageable library. BBC iPlayer, 4OD, and ITV Player are brought together with YouTube and Vimeo add-ons, web browsing plus the user’s entire stored media catalogue. Entering TVLaunch here: saves £12 (€14.50 or $20)

TLBB in the factory

TLBB in the factory

Here comes TLBB!

TLBB: Here they come!

“We’re excited to have launched The Little Black box and see the units being shipped around the world,” said Kerri Middleton, marketing director at TLBB. “We’d like to thank our customers for their enthusiasm and patience while we perfected the system, and hope they love it as much as we do!”

The box can be controlled with the dual-sided, full-keyboard remote supplied or through any Android or iOS tablet or phone, and also allows users to send music, pictures and movies straight to their TV screen from an iPad or iPhone via AirPlay.

The Little Black Box Pure XBMC

Every popular audio and video format can be played by The Little Black Box, including high-quality music files and 1080p video with dts and Dolby Digital audio. Files can be easily streamed from anywhere in the house or direct from the internet.

USB ports also allow users to physically connect HDDs, flash drives and other storage devices to bring all media files into one place, scanning files and creating a custom library complete with covers, descriptions and fan art. Everyone in the house can even have their own customised skin through which to manage their media files, with a huge range of different designs to choose from.

The Little Black Box High Tech

Tech in! The Little High Tech Box

The Little Black Box ships with 1GB RAM and 4GB Flash storage, and is built around a Meson3 single-core 1GHz processor. The first, limited batch of TLBB units is expected to sell out quickly, with orders through Amazon and however, pre-orders will also be accepted.



Unit 4, Asquith Avenue Business Park
Asquith Avenue, Leeds LS27 7RZ

Phone: +44 113 253 4222



TLBB is a joint venture between multiple parties worldwide, with the aim to bring XBMC to the masses. The team behind The Little Black Box is a group of movie-watching, music-loving, TV-obsessed individuals, passionate about home entertainment. They all wanted one simple box with a clever remote control to cover all their home entertainment needs, and knowing that the technology was out there, they decided to make it happen.

Azure Horizons Technology is the official European representative for TLBB.

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