Minecraft 1.8 Leaked Early but Still Buggy

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Minecraft 1.8 Leaked Early but Still Buggy

Even for a game that is as regularly patched and updated as Minecraft, players have had a big blocky lump in their throats since the release of the prospective changes that 1.8 will bring. With new terrain features, enemy monsters, animations, a sprinting mechanic and even the introduction of experience points, it’s a whole new game out there.

Much like Minecraft itself, the features of 1.8 are still undergoing extensive testing by developer Mojang. It hasn’t been fully released and there’s still no official 1.8 release date as of yet. However, on Friday there was a Minecraft 1.8 beta release leaked after this developer’s version had been distributed to a selection of trusted users and developers for testing and bug fixing.

Shortly after the leak, Mojang sanctioned its use, with Minecraft creator “Notch” Persson tweeting:

(I am fine with you using it. Make sure you get it from the leaked url we are hosting, though)

Mojang did hope to have the fully operational version of 1.8 released and available for use today, but as of yet that hasn’t happened. For now, the leaked beta version is still available but it contains a slew of bugs that could possibly take the gloss of your gaming experience. Perhaps it would be better to wait a little while longer until 1.8 emerges in its final fixed form?

In a game where you invest untold hours exploring, crafting and building according to the blueprints that are purely in your head, you really don’t want to suffer serious crashes or bugs that undo any of that effort. But if you simply cannot restrain yourself and have to get your block-busting build on, then here’s the link for a download from minecraftforum.net.

The Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update should be released in all its glory very soon, hopefully before the week is out!

UPDATE (09/15/11): 1.8.1 has been officially released, enjoy the updated block-buster indie fun!

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