Minecraft 1.8.1 Release Date FINALLY unblocks Joy to 13 Million

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Minecraft 1.8.1 Release Date FINALLY unblocks Joy to 13 Million

Blocky PC masterwork Minecraft has now collected over 13 million registered users, according to the game’s creator Markus Persson, or ‘Notch’ as he is better known.

UPDATE (09/15/11): Today’s new release of Minecraft 1.8.1 means that the Adventure Update is finally, officially upon us.

UPDATE (09/11/11): The beta version of Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update was leaked early on Friday but it still contains a lot of bugs. You’ll have to wait just a little bit longer for the final fixed form of the update.

It’s been less than 3 months since Minecraft hit over 10 million players, with another spike in player numbers in large part due to the anticipation of the 1.8 Adevnture update. While the majority of that huge number of people have been happily playing on the free version of the game, more than 3.4 million have paid between 10-15 Euro for the full beta version complete with updates. Notch and Jeb (Jens Bergensten) posted some new screenshots recently showing what the major 1.8 ‘Adventure Update’ will look like, showing the promised NPC villages and moss-covered, abandoned ruins dotting the landscape (see pics).

The official release date for the fully finished, complete version of Minecraft is still unknown, with the date being pushed back from the previous date of 11/11/11 due to a lack of decent venues being available on that day for the MinecraftCon launch event. When it is eventually made available, Minecraft will sell for €20, or around $29 in green money. Notch has said that although the game will become available on other platforms, he is still focusing his efforts on the PC game.

The Xbox 360 version of the game is expected this winter, with gameplay being adapted for console play and Kinect use. An Android version is also in development, titled Minecraft – Pocket Edition, which will initially be released for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play before being made available on other devices. No release date is yet known for this version.

Minecraft was first released on May 17 2009, reaching Indev status by December 2009, Infdev status in February 2010, alpha status in June 2010 and its latest beta status in December 2010.

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