Monty Python Live Show Tickets and Greatest Skits

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Monty Python Live Show Tickets and Greatest Skits

The Monty Python 5 have announced their reunification for a one-off live show in London July 2014.

We wanted to see if we “were still funny” said Michael Palin, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam.

The Monty Python Live show:
Venue: London’s O2 Arena
Date: Tuesday July 1, 2014.
Ticket prices: SOLD OUT!
UPDATE: Monty Python Live tickets sell out in just 43 seconds!
The organisers announced four more shows and within 55 minutes, SOLD OUT!

There were 14,500 tickets up for grabs for each show.

“It’s totally amazing. I don’t think we realised quite how much Python is loved round the world” said Eric Idle.


We’ve compiled a list of Python’s 20 greatest sketches (11-20 below) from The Life of Python as a tribute to the Flying Circus and some of the silliest comedians of our time.

Greatest Monty Python Sketches 11 to 20

Sketches 11 to 20


20. Spam


19. Cheese Shop

A simple premise: man walks into an empty cheese shop, asking for every cheese under the sun, none of which are available. Cleese again delivers with consummate skill for a superb sketch.

18. The Bruces’ Philosophers Song

(click image to launch sketch)

Any sketch that can ridicule history’s greatest thinkers with lines such as “René Descartes was a drunken fart – I drink, therefore I am,” deserves the utmost praise.

17. How Not to Be Seen

Done in the style of a public service announcement, How Not to Be Seen is as amusing as it is ridiculous.

16. Hitler in England

(click image to launch Python sketch)

Hitler lodged in a Somerset boarding house, wonderful.

15. Silly Olympics

Insensitive to the disabled. Rude, crude, and brilliant.

14. The Philosophers’ Football Match

As clever as it is funny, philosophy undergraduates could get all the basics of Ancient and Continental philosophy in this four-minute summary.

13. Woody and Tinny Words

(click image to launch Python clip)

Another intellectually stimulating masterpiece of word play discussing the qualities of “Gone” versus “Litter Bin”.

12. Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook

(click image to launch Python clip)

Forget the floundering ineptitudes of Borat, this is the original and best example of lost in translation‘.

11. How to Contradict People

(click image to launch Python sketch)

Short, succinct and beautifully played. Actually it’s long, verbose and awful.



For Python’s Most Phenomenal Sketches:

  • Dead Parrot
  • The Lumberjack Song
  • Ministry of Silly Walks
  • Self Defence Against Fresh Fruit
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • Four Yorkshiremen
  • Nudge Nudge
  • ..and more, follow this link: (Sketches 1-10)

Go to Monty Python's Greatest Sketches


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