The Most Expensive and Least Desirable Suit in the World

Thursday 24th, June 2010 / 13:10 Written by
The Most Expensive and Least Desirable Suit in the World

Liverpudlian vulgarity-monger Stuart Hall has created yet another ‘most expensive in the world’ item – a £600,000 ($898,742) suit.

Resembling a fancy dress magician outfit, the grey cashmere and silk creation is studded with almost 500 diamonds, totalling 240 carats. Pearly kings and queens have described the result as “underwhelming”.*

pearly king, pearly queen, harrow pearlies

Mercifully only three of the suits will be made, one of which has already been snapped up by a buyer in France.

stuart hall, diamond suit, most expensive suit

The outfit was described by Mr Hall in The Daily Telegraph as “a timeless classic” guaranteed to “make any man stand out from the crowd”. Cheaper and more elegant alternatives for achieving this include carrying a plastic bucket of gold dust around while screaming loudly, or simply buying a suit made by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Let’s have a look at a few more of Mr Hall’s baubles.

World’s most expensive phone: £1.92 million / $2.88 million

gold iphone, 3gs supreme rose, stuart hall

For the man who has everything – except taste – this solid gold iPhone is sprinkled with more than 190 diamonds. Comes with a case made from “real ostrich feet”.

World’s most expensive TV: £1.5 million / $2.25 million

most expensive tv, stuart hall, PrestigeHD Supreme Rose

Carved from 28 kilos of rose gold, the 55-inch PrestigeHD Supreme Rose TV is also encrusted with 72 one-carat diamonds and features an inner frame made from alligator skin.

World’s most expensive model car: £2 million / $2.99 million

gold bugatti, gold veyron, stuart hall

More than twice the price of the real thing, Hall’s solid gold and platinum Bugatti Veyron model is great for recreating car chases round your mate Paul’s house after school.

* We may have made this bit up.**
**Or not.
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