New Thundercats Artwork on the Loose

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New Thundercats Artwork on the Loose

Back in June 2010 Warner Brothers announced that they were going to remake Thundercats. Almost everyone under the age of 20 had no idea what the hell they were talking about as they were the cruelly underprivileged ones who hadn’t seen the late 80s and early 90s cartoon. They probably didn’t even have an older sibling who could tell them about it in hushed tones of reverent awe.

Those of us who had witnessed the power of Lord Lion-O and his faithful friends in the original cartoon were buzzed to hear of its imminent return.

Now, it seems the time for the Thundercats to be let loose once more is fast approaching. This picture, taken at the London Toy Fair yesterday and featured on Bleeding Cool, will give you a sneak peak at the artwork style that the new animated series is going to take:


(Please forgive the blurriness, we’ll have to just make do for now)

The artwork and animation styles will be handled by STUDIO4°C, the same guys who did the darkly stylish Animatrix mini-series. Hopefully they won’t warp the classic Thundercats “good-battling-evil-till-good-stomps-it-to-a-pulp” theme to the point where its too dark, but a little deviation from the squeekly-clean format would be a welcome turn of events.

Prayers are being said to the entertainment gods that this is worth the wait. Although it’s still early days, a reimagining of a childhood favorite is always an exciting prospect. Till then, content yourself with a look at the original cartoon’s suburb intro, guaranteed* to psyche you up.


Now the only thing that could complete my week would be if Michael Bay announced a sudden and overwhelming desire to apologise for his Transformers films. Preferably this would come with an attached promise to stop filling them with mindless bullshit like the trash-talking Autobot twins and John Turturro’s never-ending stream of failed jokes.

However, an enjoyable Thundercats remake is a more realistic hope. Look for the new animated series on the Cartoon Network some time later this year.

(* read: highly likely)


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3 Comments on “New Thundercats Artwork on the Loose

  • Really interested to say what they’re going to come up with. The best thing would be a real emphasis on Liono’s hero journey with all the doubt he suffers as a leader. They got some of that in the original series but didn’t explore it enough.

    He looks younger in the pic than he did in the orginal series after they leave Thundera. Don’t know if they’re going to retcon it to have a teenage Liono, instead of skipping the years he had in the time stasis capsule. Might be cool.

  • What have they done? Nooo! Cheetara has D-sized boobs, Panthro’s fingers are larger than Cheetara’s arms, all of their faces look flat and undetailed… Oh please, don’t ruin a childhood memory of mine. Can’t they just revamp the original characters a bit instead of a cheesy overhaul like this?


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