Nokia Joins Apple Satirists to Put iPhone on Hold

Tuesday 29th, June 2010 / 16:20 Written by
Nokia Joins Apple Satirists to Put iPhone on Hold

After it had shifted 1.7 million new iPhones in 3 days, Apple wasn’t overly concerned about a few jabs from competitors over teething troubles.

In the face of undeniable success, mockery is after all the only real recourse for anyone not directly benefitting from that success.

The following on Nokia’s blog appeared in response to Apple proposing reception problems with the new iPhone 4 could be solved by holding it differently:

How do you hold your Nokia?

Methods proposed include ‘Thumb and Finger’, ‘The Cup’, ‘The Balance’ and ‘The Four Edge Grip’. They are apparently “both comfortable and as you can see, offer no signal degradation whatsoever”.

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The fruity superbrand has attracted some biting satire in recent years. Here are 7 of the best examples.


Cutting Humour’s HappyToast went a step further than Nokia. See here for the full version.

apple surgery, apple spoof, happytoast


BlackBerry and Apple Grumble

BlackBerry took a pot shot at Apple after it had launched its touchscreen Storm handset.

And Apple bit back:


iPad Parody

Apple’s gushing descriptions of the iPad were begging to be lampooned.


Drive and Watch Movies at the Same Time

Another truly magical send-up.


Chief Imaginative Officer Steve Mobs

Steve Mobs admitted to Mapple fans, “I’ve made a fortune off you chumps, and I’ve invested it all in Microsoft.”


I’m a Linux

Linux jumped on the spoof Mac/PC ad bandwagon with this reminder of the world beyond.


The MacBook Wheel

“Everything is just a few hundred clicks away.” The Onion took a look at how Apple had done away with conventional keyboards in its latest laptop.

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