Retro Video Game Characters Let Loose in the Real World

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Retro Video Game Characters Let Loose in the Real World

Aled Lewis is a designer and illustrator based out of London who has designed a variety of cool t-shirts for More importantly, he has helped release many of the coolest retro video games characters into the wilds of the real world.

With his help, characters from iconic classics like Street Fighter 2, Echo the Dolphin, Duck Hunt and even absolutely ancient veterans like Ski Free and Lemmings have managed to escape their electronic prisons and explore reality:


Oh God! The Ski Free monster cometh! Always it has haunted my attempts to ski to the bottom of the mountain and now it is let loose upon the world! Forget Dead Space 2, fear has a new name!


No shortage of real life cliffs for gaming’s most adorably suicidal critters to hurl themselves off. The Lemmings Lack of Self-Preservation Society has adapted swiftly to its new environment.


That’s certainly one way to check that Honda’s door is closed properly.


Echo the Dolphin, gaming’s most hard-nosed mammal, now top of SeaWorld’s most wanted list.


Duck Hunt Dog had best wipe that smile off his face if he wants to get along in the real world where his invulnerability powers aren’t so hot.


Who knows what the great electronic emancipator will turn his hand to next? Maybe Axel from Streets of Rage duking it out with a real life tough guy? Perhaps Pacman biting off more than he can chew in one of reality’s restaurants?

Follow the link for the full Flickr gallery of all 12 characters in the real world, entitled Video Games vs Real Life by Aled Lewis (aka Fatheed).

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3 Comments on “Retro Video Game Characters Let Loose in the Real World

  • Oh my god that’s awesome, I LOVE Lemmings! When it come out I played it non-stop. Sometimes when I got frustrated with a level I would put 2 blockers close to each other, trap all the other Lemmings in between them… and blow them all up.

    But I loved them really!


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