Telltale’s Jurassic Park Game Has no Teeth

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Telltale’s Jurassic Park Game Has no Teeth

The stir caused by the announcement of developer TellTale making a game based on bookending the Jurassic Park movies was immense. After the critical acclaim lavished on the psychological thriller game Heavy Rain, everyone was geared up for some well-told, engaging and exciting dino drama told in a similar style to Quantic Dream’s 2010 hit title.

Unfortunately, reports have been circulating that Jurassic Park: The Game is a clunky and uninspired mess of plot holes, dull story and repetitive quick-time-event gameplay that barely requires the player to be present.

Jerky and stiff animations have been continually blamed as the cause for the game lacking any sense of drama or urgency when the characters are imperilled. It hasn’t helped that those characters are supposedly a shallow series of stereotypes that don’t stand out or create memorable moments.

So, unfortunately it seems that Jurassic Park: The Game will only appeal to the most fanatical of dinosaur fans that need to get their fix of QTE-fuelled fun.

Here’s a couple of the most scathing quotes from a selection of Jurassic Park reviews:

The Game plays like the result of a drunken threesome between Heavy Rain, Grim Fadango, and Steven Spielberg. It tries to do a lot but mostly misses the mark, and so by the end of the night, no party is left especially satisfied. Piki Geek

Telltale’s tech simply can’t keep up with the pace they’re so desperately trying to set for Jurassic Park — and even if the game ran on the Heavy Rain engine, I still wouldn’t want to play it. 1up.

This whole setup feels like a really poorly placed movie rather than a video game. As players, our inputs just move us to the next scene. IGN

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