Torchlight Turns Platinum with 1 Million Copies Sold

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Torchlight Turns Platinum with 1 Million Copies Sold

Not too shabby for a game that developer Runic Games itself claimed was rushed out the door a little. What this quirky and rather minimalistic take on the RPG dungeon crawler lacked in depth and storyline it more than made up for in solidly enjoyable gameplay.


Debuting on PC and Mac, Torchlight got an Xbox 360 port back in March this year which was hugely well received as it brought some more no-holds barred dungeon exploring action to console players (who often miss out when it comes to RPGs).

What I liked most about Torchlight was that it had everything it needed all wrapped up in a neat and well-presented package. You’ll find no fat on this game’s lean but angular build, that’s for sure.

Whether you prefer smashing your enemies to bits up close with huge melee weapons, blasting them with arcane wizardry or picking them off at range, the three classic class options of Destroyer, Alchemist and Vanquisher (basically Warrior, Mage, Rogue) covered all the bases. There’s no end to the hordes of monsters that assail you in the game’s randomly generated dungeons (another Diablo inspiration) but somehow it rarely feels like a grind to wade through them all with your pretty fearsome array of skills and spells.


Even the loot system was well designed to let you get on with adventuring as your animal companion can be loaded up with goodies found on the dungeon floor and then set packing back to town to sell off your gear while you continue on your destructive way.

In short, Torchlight delivers. If you’re looking for an RPG which concentrates on the action rather than the story, then it’s definitely worth joining the million or so people who bought it. With its cool artstyle, brilliant loot system and absorbing gameplay, it’s well worth the $20 price tag.

Runic Games hopes to build on its platinum success with the release of Torchlight 2 which is expected in either September or October this year. The word is, expect that same tight Torchlight gaming experience but with a lot more depth. More classes, more monster varieties and abilities, a more balanced loot system, a more fleshed out story and best of all, multiplayer.

Prepare to tackle Torchlight‘s grim darkness with your friends by your side in a few short months time.


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