If you’ve got an iPhone XR and are on O2, you could be entitled to a free iPhone 11 or compensation due a manufacturer fault which has been confirmed by Apple.

However, Apple have promised to fix the problem in an upcoming iOS update, according to the Daily Mail, so hurry, if they are successful in this update, your entitlement under your warranty will be void.

All it’s going to cost you is the time it takes to read the instructions in the article below and a call to your phone company. Read on to find out how and leave a comment if you’ve had success!

iPhone XR users have been experiencing issues with the handset dropping signal several times a day – this is a known issue on O2, but it may also affect other providers, including those that use the O2 network – see the list at the end of this article.

Additionally, it could be a worldwide issue – so if you’ve ever experienced signal issues with your device, that require a restart to fix, it could be worth pursuing a warranty claim.

An O2 spokesperson told the BBC that they are “working closely with our partners to resolve an intermittent issue affecting some of our customers using iPhone XR”.

This fault is considered a manufacturer fault, so, provided your handset still covered by its one year warranty, you are entitled to a new, functional phone.

If you’re going to pursue this claim with O2, make sure that this is true to your experience and factually correct.

Here’s how our caller, Ree, successfully contacted O2 and received a new handset:

Calling the cancellation department:

“My phone has been dropping signal and it doesn’t get the signal back unless I turn my phone off and on – this happens all the time.

“I’ve also noticed in the news that there is a manufacturers fault with the XR model similar to the problem I’ve been having.

I’ve uploaded the latest software currently on 13.3 [make sure your software is up-to-date] but the problem is persisting.

I noticed in the warranty [read your 1 year manufacture warranty so that you are familiar with what it says] that I’m entitled to a new, functional phone, however if you swap this phone for an iPhone XR, it will just have the same problem.

In the warranty, I also noticed that I’m entitled to compensation and since I have suffered loss, the easiest way to resolve this is that I won’t claim compensation if you send me the next model up.

I’m really not keen on going through the whole compensation route, and I’d really appreciate it if don’t make me negotiate or ask for a supervisor etc. This is not an O2 issue, it’s the manufacturer’s fault.

I will be happy with the iPhone 11 as compensation and then I will consider the case closed.”

Sure enough, the customer services team were more than happy to oblige Ree’s request, and he has now received the new iPhone 11 through the post but best of all – they haven’t made any requests to have the faulty handset, the iPhone XR returned.

Other networks that use the O2 network, and so may experience similar issues are:

  • CUniq
  • giffgaff
  • Lycamobile
  • Sky Mobile
  • Tesco Mobile

Good luck with the hack at let us know how you get on!

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