Beloved Flintstones celebrates its 50th anniversary today with one of the biggest internet accolades anyone can ask for, their very own yabba-dabba doodle from Google.

If prehistoric cartoon romps are your thing then that leaves you with… one show. So it’s a good thing that the show was well done. Ever inventive, the show kept coming up with modern day problems and situations for prehistoric caveman Fred Flintstone and his loving family and friends to deal with.

Let’s ignore the fact that dinosaurs were extinct before humanity arrived on the global scene because that simply gets in the way of a good story. An awesome aspect of the show was that from cranes to whistles, trash compactors to household pets, the dinosaurs and prehistoric animals filled a huge variety of roles as the very bedrock (inevitable really) of the Flintstone’s society.

A subtle message to modern day mankind to form a harmonious equilibrium with its environment? Or simply a knock-on from the fact that kids go super-crazy over anything dinosaur related?

With such success from the cartoon, as sure as an upturned caveman car follows a monster rack of ribs, a Hollywood deal had to follow. And, like so many movie adaptations, it was god-awful. The 1994 film’s revamped theme tune tells you everything you need to know. Beavis and Butthead provide the perfect distraction from the cringe-fest that clubs your eyes and ears.

Still rocking 50 years on, the Flintstones continue to inspire caveman enthusiasts and prehistoric fancy dress costumes that are as inventive as the Neanderthals themselves. Feast your eyes on those kick-ass caveman cosplayers.

Incidentally, what’s up with Wilma and Barney’s eyes? They seem to be the only ones in the two families with black, impenetrable pupils with no iris. What destructive plans lie hidden within those hellish pits? Was Fred only one more complaint about dinner away from having his skull caved in with a stone axe?

If anyone knows why Wilma and Barney were singled out for the demonic eye treatment by William Hanna, I’m all ears.