The Game Changers – Is it fuelled by truth or hype?

Has the popular Netflix documentary left you confused? Before starting your plant based diet, consider the other side of the debate...


The clocks have changed. We’ve all got more time to spend on Netflix and the documentary The Game Changers is undoubtedly thought provoking. Let’s jump in and look at some science first…

The science

Foods with complete proteins are these which contain all essential amino acids, foods with incomplete proteins either don’t contain all essential amino acids or don’t reach sufficient threshold of them. In respect to protein density, on the whole, animal based sources contain more protein per gram which makes protein targets easier to achieve. An important side not to consider is that animal based sources include higher amounts of fat whereas plant based sources will incorporate more carbohydrates.

Back to animal sources being a complete protein source containing all essential amino acids. Compared to plant based foods, which are usually bereft of complete essential amino acids, the micronutrient properties are elevated in plant based sources. This increase the attractiveness of plant based foods fulfilling functional health improvements.

So how much protein do we need to consume?

At the moment science suggests a diet rich in animal based protein can benefit our overall health. By no means do we need to consume high amounts of protein. The known benefits include improved satiety and recovery.

Drilling into a few things that were thrown up in the documentary.

Monitoring erections

Comparing the strength and number during sleep after eating different meals. The documentary showed men who consumed plant based meal had much stronger and many more erections throughout the night compared to the night when they ate a meal with meat in. Personally it wouldn’t be my go to source for better sex, mainly because this example monitored men in their sleep not whilst becoming aroused. If your partner starts cooking without meat either you got work to do or maybe you’re simply not attracted to each other. I appreciate like the documentary I’ve stretched the finding. Although then the supposed doctor drops the fact it’s not a scientifically validated study!

On this note, there are many sources of literature pulled up on screen and cited. Highlighting scaremongering words such as cancer and death. With-out people adhering to plant based diets over a long period of time the science can’t be expected to back it yet. Science is always behind anyway. I hope it finds more and more positive impacts but be cautious with making extrapolations, there is risk there.

Strong man – Patrik Baboumian

Patrik baboumian completed amazing strength challenges. He went from 105kg to 130kgs when he stopped eating meat. Setting 4 world records in the mean time! Near the very end Patrik tells us he lost his father and little sister in a car accident. Being able to help others out of that situation is understandably very important to him. Never once was the power of the mind considered as a contributing factor as to why firstly Partik wants to live his life this way and is able to flip cars.

Quoting Bruce Lee at the beginning gives a sense of power to the documentary.

Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own.

Bruce Lee wasn’t a vegan.

Moderation the modern day challenge

Eating in moderation is a challenge or has been made into a challenge in this fast world we now live in. 50 years ago manipulating diet was not at the forefront of people’s minds. Having enough money to be able to provide for yourself and your family was.

This generated industry to increase production of nutritious foods such as eggs, even calorie dense foods which are now viewed as evil can be a god send to people who don’t have much. The nature of marketing is to offer consumers what they ask for in easy to access forms. The ads on Facebook or Instagram pages know what to present you.

Jobs have become more sedentary. The high calorie foods now so easily available we actively avoid them. The documentary does point out no change happens overnight, drastic actions usually don’t work. So if you’re hoping a plant based diet will see you into your Christmas best frock that’s probably not the sustainably attitude to cultivate the change you ultimately want, but if it motivates you to start that’s great.

Final thoughts

At the moment it feels like a dragons den episode. We’re sat down and the body of evidence from this documentary has been pitched. Naturally it included some iconography. So let me tell you where I’m at. The science isn’t there, so I’ll be keeping it real, I will endeavour to eat more vegetables though.

The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering. My choice inset of Brue Lee. There are so many more important things in life to worry about. The irony is if you live a life you’re happy with your overall health will improve anyway.

Being in tune with what you want and conscious life choices to back that up are worth knowing about yourself for sure and if veganism means that to you I am all for photofitness photofitness photo