South Korean city planner have discovered an ingenious solution to three different issues with an innovative cycle path running from Daejon to Sejong.

In the middle of a busy highway, the cycle path is completely isolated from fast moving traffic by barriers separating the lanes. Cyclists are also protected from the sun and rain as they ride underneath solar panels, which themselves generate renewable energy.

The path stretches for 20 miles, and is accessible by underground thruways, allowing cyclists on and off of the path at regular increments

We think it’s a genius idea, encouraging the use of solar energy and a green way of travelling. And it seems the cycle highway gets the thumbs up from plenty of avid cyclists.

However, with the path stuck between two lanes of busy traffic, some are bemoaning the loss of the views and fresh air that comes with rural alternatives. What do you think? Would you use the cycle path? Will you be hoping to see one in your area soon?