If you’re someone who values their privacy on the internet, you’d be right to be concerned about the practices of companies large and small who want to make use of your data.

Luckily, a bunch of tools have sprung up to help you protect your data and, if you run a company, to ensure that you are handling data in the most ethical way.

We’ve listed our favourites here and most are completely free to use!

Ghostery Chrome Plugin

The Ghostery Chrome Plugin is a simple tool which detects and blocks cookies before they get even get dropped. This has the added benefit of preventing any pesky retargeted ads and stops trackers being placed without your consent – something many cookie consent banners still haven’t mastered.

Sovy GDPR Scan

If you’re a website owner, and you’re not sure where to start with your GDPR compliance efforts, the Sovy GDPR scan is a free tool that assesses the cookies you use and your privacy policy. It gives you useful tips on where to improve and recommends products to help you achieve compliance

Sovy GDPR Survey

Another tool from the team at Sovy helps you assess your data privacy compliance as a whole. Once again, it’s aimed at businesses who need a little support getting their programme up to scratch. The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete and gives you useful feedback on where your data privacy compliance needs work.


The most common reason for a data breach is human error. A failure to set strong passwords, or reusing passwords is a major factor in this. With Dashlane you can safely store all your passwords in one place and get help setting strong passwords. Even the free product is fully encrypted meaning that it would be very difficult for a hacker to get access unless they have your master password.

You also get alerts when you need to update passwords due to a data breach on a certain website or because you are using duplicate passwords.

Hotspot Shield VPN

A VPN is an essential bit of kit for anyone serious about data privacy. As free VPNs go, it’s one of the best, but comes with some caveats that might encourage you to upgrade. For started, you don’t get a choice of the location that you anchor from, and you do have to put up with ads. However, you do get a 500MB daily data allowance – and though this might sound small, compared to other free options, it’s actually quite high. It’s very much focused on security, so you can rest assured that your information is protected.


Whilst Google is by far the biggest search engine in the world, it’s also one of the worst offenders when it comes to the collection and use of your data. However, there are alternatives available. DuckDuckGo is a longstanding search engine that puts privacy at the top of their agenda. When traffic comes from DuckDuckGo, the big sites can’t see information like the term that they searched for, the user’s IP address or browser user agent.