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Every Christmas the traditional selection of Advent Calendars hits retailers. Whether they contain chocolate or small gifts, the surprise of opening a new little present each day throughout December delights young and old alike. It gets us in the mood for the big event on the 25th. This year there are a range of calendars that are focused on beauty products for those of us giving chocolate a miss this side of the Christmas festivities. In this article I take a look at some of those that might take your fancy. They aren’t cheap but then when are beauty products ever cheap!! They do though, generally offer good value compared with buying products separately. See what you think and feel free to share your comments if you find any of those featured to be good (or otherwise).

Asos Advent Calendar

This is the first advent calendar Asos have done and let me tell you they have come in strong. The advent calendar costs £70, I couldn’t find out how much the contents are worth because of how obscure some of the brands are. This advent calendar contains lots of great brands and a lot of full-sized products, including products from Clinique, Origins, RITUALS, plus many more. However, there are some mini and sample sizes.

I think this advent calendar is great if you want to try loads of different makeup and skin care products to see what suits you. In this calendar there are 24 days to open, the products come in boxes instead of being hidden behind the traditional doors. I personally prefer boxes to doors but if doors are important to you this may not be the right calendar to get this Christmas. It is 100% recyclable and the box is designed to be re-used as it is made from cork board.

Body Shop Advent Calendars

The Body Shop is selling 3 advent calendars this year. The smallest is called the Dream Big This Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar. It is £45 but the body shop says it’s worth £81. This calendar contains some full-sized products and has some of their seasonal products in as well. However, as this is the smallest calendar it does contain more mini products.

The medium sized calendar is called the Dream Big This Christmas Deluxe Advent Calendar. It is £65 but the body shop says it’s worth £125. This calendar has fewer mini products in it than the smaller one but still has some. It has a wide range of products and definitely has some more deluxe products than the smallest.

The largest calendar is called the Dream Big This Christmas Ultimate Advent Calendar. This one is the most expensive of the 3 and costs £99 but the body shop says it’s worth £248.50. As this is the largest calendar it doesn’t really have any mini products. On every day of advent the box helps celebrate the achievements of brilliant women who dreamed big and made history, with daily trivia to inspire and empower you.

All 3 calendars are 100% recyclable and have a lovely Christmassy design. These calendars are great. However, they are skin care and body care focused. They do have a few makeup items but if you would rather have makeup than skin/body care, they probably aren’t the calendars for you.

Bare Minerals 24 Days of Clean Beauty Advent Calendar

This is the Bare Minerals 24 day advent calendar. It costs £79 but Bare Minerals says it’s worth £218. It’s a smaller limited-edition advent calendar which gives you 24 reasons to celebrate the season: each day, open a window to discover a best-selling makeup or skincare mini. It’s everything you need for holiday-ready beauty, or the perfect special gift for any beauty lover in your life. Even though this calendar is made up of small sized products, these minis are great for holiday travel and fit in the smallest of party clutches. The design is cute, classic and quite traditional and 100% recyclable. Bare Minerals also prides itself in using clean ingredients in all makeup.

Clarins 12 Day Advent Calendar

The Clarins advent calendar is a Cute Christmas themed box which is the perfect countdown to Christmas. 12 beauty surprises to make you feel the festive cheer! It costs £60 but Clarins says it’s worth £125. However, before you go running off thinking this is an amazing deal, here are a few things to consider. Number one this is not a full 24/25 day calendar it actually only has 12 days. That means it works out to be pricier per item. The second thing to consider is that the calendar mainly contains mini products. There are still a few full-sized products though. This calendar is also based more on skin care than makeup, so if you would prefer makeup maybe choose a different advent calendar.

Revolution Vegan Advent Calendar

Forget chocolate, it’s all about the Revolution Advent Calendar for the ultimate countdown to Christmas. This amazing vegan calendar costs £30 and by my calculation is worth about £60. Every day there will be an exciting brush, or face/lip product in full or mini size behind each door. Personally I think that this is a great advent calendar, it has lots of different tones and shades for everyone and each of the products are worth well over a pound so it is great value for the price. I also think it’s great if you want to try some of Revolution’s products as it gives you a bit of everything.

I Heart Revolution Gingerbread Advent Calendar

This Gingerbread House is the more luxurious way to countdown to Christmas this year. It costs £100 and by my calculation is worth about £132. Open the doors to find 25 boxes filled with must-have I Heart Revolution goodies. Filled with full-sized surprises including full-size chocolate shadow and face palettes, plus I Heart Revolution’s iconic heart highlighters, scented glosses and super cute accessories. Every day of December will feel like Christmas day! The packaging of this calendar is amazing and is so cute and Christmassy. Even though you do get a lot of full-sized products this calendar consists mainly of eye shadow pallets, highlighters, and metallic lip glosses which some people may not wear. But the colours of the pallets are very wearable and are high quality.

Revolution Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Start the countdown to Christmas in serious style. The Revolution Christmas Tree is £80 and by my calculation is worth about £120. There’s a surprise inside every box, and there’s one for every day throughout December. That’s 25 new beauty products in one month! With full-size face, lip, and eye products plus some great accessories – Christmas will basically come early. If you love Revolution products you will not be disappointed, there is a wide variety of products. However, some of the lip products may not be your thing as a lot of the colours are really dark, but the eye shadow pallets are extremely wearable.

That’s the lot – which one will you choose???