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Formula E Season Opens this Friday

The Formula E season opens this coming Friday and Saturday in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Formula E is the most innovative race series in the world,...

The Game Changers – Is it fuelled by truth or hype?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSpglxHTJVM The clocks have changed. We’ve all got more time to spend on Netflix and the documentary The Game Changers is undoubtedly thought provoking. Let’s jump...

The Best Boardgames for Christmas 2019

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The new music opportunities platform SYNCR Music

SYNCR Music ( SYNCR ) gives you the opportunity to have your music featured in some of the world’s biggest films, TV shows, video...

Google Doodle Finds Flintstones Still Rocking after 50 Years

Beloved Flintstones celebrates its 50th anniversary today with one of the biggest internet accolades anyone can ask for, their very own yabba-dabba doodle from...

Happy Birthday Sam-I-Am! 50 Years of Green Eggs and Ham

It was 50 years to the day,That Green Eggs And Ham went on display, It was written by beloved Dr Seuss,Whose oft-rhyming characters were let loose, Seuss was...

Mr Bean’s Best Birthday Bits

Back in the 1990s, the collaborative writing talent of Richard Curtis combined with the physical comedy genius of Rowan Atkinson culminated in the creation...

Don’t Panic – 42 Awesome Ways to Use a Towel

The 25th of May marks Towel Day across the Universe, and as all good hitchhikers will know, “A towel is about the most massively useful...

10 Towel Day Celebrations to Get Wrapped Up In

Yes indeed, tomorrow is Intergalactic Towel Day in honor of the late great author Douglas Adams. It’s the day when all true fans of The...

Monty Python’s 20 greatest sketches Top 5

This Anniversary Special marks the day that Monty Python made its sparkling debut on television when the very first episode of Monty Python’s Flying...