The third of the acclaimed Gears of War series has been unleashed across North America and the PAL region. Japan will have to wait another two days before they can feel the satisfying heft of a lancer (or retro lancer) closed around COG mitts.

Midnight openings of stores across the world saw the familiar scenes of Epic Games fans camping out all night in order to reverentially wrap their hands around the oh-so-shiny box of the new Gears of War. So far, the most dedicated Gearhead camper I’ve seen reported comes from the tiny South-East Asian island of Singapore.

One William Ten queued no less than 29 hours straight at Funan DigitalLife Mall in order to be the first gamer in Singapore to own Gears of War 3. The 22-year-old said that he was no worse for wear and couldn’t wait to get stuck into the trilogy’s finale.

“I feel great. I’ve been playing from Gears of War till now. I am a huge fan of it. Previously Gears of War and Gears of War 2 didn’t have any official kind of launch. This one is the final episode and they have a big event so I definitely had to come,”

Ten scooped a whole bunch of promotional swag for his trouble and got to pose with some lovely ladies to boot! That’s 29 hours well invested then!

What say you, Gnews readers? Do you already have your copy clutched to your chest, ready for another round of evisceration? Is Gears of War 3 a first day purchase for you?

By all accounts, Gearheads won’t be disappointed, as previews of the end of the trilogy has painted the game in an extremely positive, lambent light. More enemies, more guns, more player modes, a sound story and oh yeah, a giant mech! I think that makes it worth a look.

With all the hype, positive previews and emerging reviews, let’s just hope that in reality this chainsaw-fuelled final foray against the Locust doesn’t turn out to be a…. buzzkill.