With Rockstar’s L.A Noire now released internationally, many detectives will already have a light case file and be hungry to get stuck into solving new felonies. Fortunately, the wait will be relatively minor, as the first LA Noire DLC is scheduled for a June 21 release.

Entitled “Nicholson Electroplating”, details on the newest case are understandably scarce. Although it is known that arson is involved, meaning that you’ll most likely have to work damned hard to sift through some burnt-out wreckage in order to find those tantalizing tidbits of evidence.

LA Noire has been welcomed with rave reviews (full Gnews review here) for its grit, engaging nature and originality. Released today in Europe, everyone can now hunker down on the toughest cases to crack and test their investigative instincts to the very limit.

It is currently not known how many extra cases will be available to LA Noire players. Neither is the price of the extra content known. Unfortunately, this is one case that can’t be solved with diligent detective work, instead we’ll just have to sit tight and wait for the details to unfold.

Have a happy weekend cracking cases and rousting wrongdoers!