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We’ve all been there – it’s Christmas Day, dinner has been eaten, and someone pulls out a worn out, 1990’s version of Monopoly to the sound of collective groans around the room.

For many of us, board games are a Christmas tradition – but this year, why not put away the Scrabble tiles and pick up something new – something the whole family will actually enjoy!

Here’s our favourite family board games and card games that you just have to try this Christmas!

Exploding Kittens

If you haven’t heard of Exploding Kittens… where have you been? Living under a rock?

It’s the card game taking the world by storm – think UNO, but with more goats, kittens and bear-o-dactyls.

The rules are pretty straightforward, meaning this is one even your granny can get involved in, and rounds take just 10-15 minutes.


If, like me, you have a super competitive family, it’s pretty useful to have a co-operative game to cool things down.

Pandemic is the name in co-operative games. In the base game, you all work together towards a common goal – to find cures for four diseases spreading across the world.

The first few games can be pretty tough, until you figure out the strategies, so it’s worth playing a few rounds of this, especially since the rules take a little longer to pick up than the likes of Exploding Kittens.


If you like bluffing, then Chameleon is the game for you.

It’s a party game with social deduction involved. One person is the chameleon and needs to blend in. Everyone else knows a secret word, and using one carefully picked word, they need to signal to everyone else that they know what the word is. However, when the sly Chameleon can blend in well and fool everyone else, he’ll get off scot free…

The rules to the game a super simple, and rounds take mere minutes – a perfect game for Christmas Day!


Fluxx is a game where the rules goal and the rules constantly change. And though it sounds complicated, it’s actually fairly easy to keep track of the chaos.

There’s load of different Fluxx themes – Zombies, Pirates, Chemistry – even Drinking – so there’s something for every family.

Dead of Winter

If Zombies are your thing, Dead of Winter is a more involved game that’ll have you fighting off the undead.

Dead of Winter is a co-operative board game, where one player is secretly a betrayer. You all work towards a common goal, such as collecting enough food, whilst keeping the zombies at bay. Meanwhile, everyone has their own goal and the betrayer has a particularly nefarious ambition that will end the game.

This game takes around an hour to finish and is a little clunky the first time you play – but give it a chance and you’ll be enjoying it in no time!